Respect, Recognition, Advancement

Employee-first Culture


Empowering Our Team: The Sencat Way

At Sencat, our 'employee-first' approach is more than a policy; it's our way of life. We believe in empowering our staff, making sure that our core values are reflected in every aspect of our operations. This commitment to our team is the cornerstone of our success.

A Nurturing Workplace

Our environment is built on mutual respect, acknowledgment of hard work, and the provision of ample opportunities for career advancement. We strive to create a workspace where every individual feels valued and motivated.

Employee Empowerment

A culture that genuinely values and empowers staff in every aspect of the business.


Commitment to both professional role enhancement and personal development.

Respect &

A work environment that appreciates hard work and fosters mutual respect.


Ample opportunities for career progression, encouraging a sense of achievement and job satisfaction.


Prioritising Wellbeing & Professional Development

At Sencat, we're delighted to offer an exceptional on-site Health and Wellbeing Service, headed by WorkSmart Wellbeing coaches, Paul and Jake. We place great importance on both the physical health and professional growth of our team. This service underlines our philosophy that the wellbeing of our staff is integral to the success and vitality of our business.

a Supportive Environment

In addition to our Health and Wellbeing Service, Sencat fosters a supportive community that encourages open dialogue about wellness and professional aspirations. Regular workshops, team discussions, and wellness activities are integral to our culture, ensuring that every employee feels heard, valued, and motivated.


Celebrating our team!

Our gallery showcases the vibrant and engaging events we host, from festive celebrations to summer gatherings. These events reflect our commitment to building a close-knit and joyful community at work.


Join the Sencat team!

We invite you to explore a range of opportunities where your skills and passion can thrive. Discover roles that align with your aspirations in an environment that values growth and innovation. Visit our careers page, find your fit, and apply.


Are you a qualified painter and decorator who thrives on delivering the highest quality work whilst working as part of a successful and driven team? Then we want to hear from you!

North West
Electrical Contract Support Manager

Are you a qualified Electrical supervisor or team leader looking for the next step in their career?

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